Revised Technical Program Schedule-FRSM 17
Technical Program Schedule_FRSM-2017.pdf
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Instructions for Preparation of Poster: 

    Each poster presentation should include-
•         Name of authors
•         Abstract
•         Subject, i.e. research objective
•         Experimental materials and methodology
•         Key conclusions
•         Major references
•         Total poster dimension should not exceed 90 cm high by 120 cm wide. 


Posters will be mounted on boards for displaying in the session.

    Please give emphasis on the following points while preparing the
Clarity – coherent and effective message
Layout and Design – organization and neatness of poster (aesthetic composition)
 Research – well thought out and explored
Content – engaging and informative
Uniqueness – distinctive subject matter and originality
Readability – legible from five feet away



Instructions for PowerPoint Presentation: 

The duration of the Power Point Presentation will be 10 minutes (8 min for presentation + 2 min for interaction).

Please prepare your presentation accordingly.